Is there adequate soft-soled walking?

The soft-soled Baby Moccs are designed to protect little feet at all stages. Both when they are in the stroller, crawl, they start them up by themselves and take their first steps.

The MINI ShuU have a simple design to suit the most natural way possible at the foot of the baby. The flexibility of the skin gives you freedom in their movements and helps the baby controls balance in their first uprisings and steps.

For those who begin to walk everywhere, sizes 19 and 20 wear soft-soled slip rubber, completely APTA and safe for outdoor use. This sole is waterproof, non-slip and is highly resistant but more important ... is that being soft does not hinder any natural movement of the foot in learning to walk.

How do I know which size you need my baby?

Every baby is different and each brand has its sizing therefore advise you midas sole and consult our size chart.

Behind the pictures of each moccs you will find a table of sizes with European size, the measure of the corresponding sole and approximately month. This table will find it both for Baby Moccs, Mini Shuu soft-soled, as in the Kids Moccs, Mini Shuu hard soled.

In how much time will my request be delivered?

All soft-soled MINI SHUU (Baby Moccs) are made on request and especially for each baby. It took 3 to 4 working days to have them ready, we are a small artisan company and put all our time and dedication in each MOCC to make this special.

Once finished, send an email to the customer as the order has been sent. Des that time, the package reaches its destination within a maximum 48 hours working with the transport company TIPSA.

Can vary the color of the skin of a MINI SHUU with other?

All MINI ShuU are hand-made leather one on one with 100% natural. This makes them unique and very special.

We work with top quality leather made in Spain and always try to make each pair of the same piece of skin, are perfectionists that, but it may be that at some moc haiga a small variation in tone.

Can the moccs are losing their tonality of the tip?

Especially in babies who crawl or take their first steps, it can happen. Being natural skin finish without any chemical treatment, the skin is decaying gently rubbing and friction with the ground, curbs, walls ...

Can I return or exchange an order?

Of course! Just write to and we will respond as soon as possible giving you the best solution.

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