MINI SHUU is a brand of 100% handmade footwear designed to meet the needs of the baby at all stages of growth and learning in walking, from the time they arrive in the world and up to 5 years approximately, from size 15 to the 28.

All MINI SHUU are made with natural cowhide of excellent quality, soft and very flexible.

Cut with a simple pattern that adapts to the foot, respecting its movements and growth. Leaving the ankle completely free, without reinforcements in heels or toes, a soft shoe that gives them the feeling of going barefoot, but protected.

"It must be footwear that adapts to the foot and not the other way around"

Thus offering a good development, accompanying him in his growth, in his learning.

Because it is they, and not footwear, who learn to walk, alone, at their own pace, free.

All the soles that you will find in MINI SHUU are flexible, flat and light. For the correct and more natural growth of the feet of the smallest in all its stages: crawling, first lifts, first steps, autonomy when walking, running, jumping ...

The only thing that changes from the smallest to the largest sizes is the type of sole, everything else is made the same way. It is the sole that adapts to your growth and your needs.

They are all put on with elastic rubber, without laces or velcros, like a sock, it's that easy!



"Like walking barefoot, growing happy"

SOFT LEATHER SOLE | Protecting their little feet since they reach the world

From size 15 to size 19 they have a soft leather sole, it is flat, flexible and wide, leaving the foot free to move. This sole will protect your little feet from the cold and the friction in crawling

SOFT NON-SLIP RUBBER SOLE | The best friend in her learning

From size 17/18 to 22, Baby Moccs can have a NON-SLIP Rubber soft sole.

This sole will be the perfect companion in the first lifts, the first steps and in the first stage of walking. It is a flat sole, very light, soft and completely flexible.

Their feet are in full development and they need footwear that adapts to their needs, their movements, their learning.

A soft sole will give you a lot of information about the ground and will help you know how to control your balance. At all times they will be free to move as they like, they alone will control their movements and this will make them feel very safe, in this new stage of walking.

The foot is the one that has to determine each movement when learning, and not the footwear, it only has to protect it.

Our soft rubber sole is slip-resistant, waterproof and completely safe and SUITABLE for walking, running and jumping both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend using the Soft Non-slip sole until the baby walks with ease, security and autonomy. The more information about the ground you acquire in all your movements in this first stage of walking, the safer you will feel in the future!


FLEXIBLE HARD SOLE | Free and respectful growth

In the KIDS section you will find from size 20 to 28 a collection of MINI SHUU with hard soles.

A hard, VERY FLEXIBLE, flat and light sole. So that the foot continues to grow free, respecting its movements, its development, its rhythm, its nature.

With a flat padded leather insole (without bridge) so that your plantar arch is formed in the most natural way possible, as if it were barefoot. An insole that provides maximum comfort, is breathable and completely isolates the foot from the cold and moisture of the outside floor.

A healthy foot, which grows without limitations, MINI SHUU accompanies you in your development, adapting to your needs with a hard and flexible sole.

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