How are you?? I am delighted that you are here and want to read a little about Mini Shuu.

I introduce myself, my name is Yasmina and I am a lover of fashion and footwear design.

This adventure was born in November 2014 with the illusion and the desire to create something of its own, something related to footwear design, fashion and handmade. And it was thanks to my nephew, that I launched into the children's world. With him I saw that the children's shoe market was a bit stagnant, everything was very classic, very the same, very basic.

And I, who had studied Fashion Styling and Shoe Design, but had never sat in front of a sewing machine, believed MINI SHUU.

We pulled out the first pattern with my nephew's foot, literally, and my mother taught me how to sew.

MINI SHUU is a brand of children's footwear made by hand in Spain. We have our workshop located in a small town on the Costa Brava where we make most of our collection. The other part is made by a small shoe company in Villena, the cradle of Spanish children's footwear.

We offer soft leather shoes, very flexible, with soft shapes, breathable and very comfortable, they are put on with elastic rubber, without laces or velcro, like a sock, it's that easy!

A respectful footwear, which leaves your little feet completely free of movement, so that their joints strengthen on their own and their development is as natural as possible, as if they were barefoot.

MINI SHUU adapts to all stages of baby's growth, respecting at all times its healthy development and natural movement. That is why we work with 3 types of sole: SOFT SOLE, SOFT NON-SLIP SOLE and HARD SOLE. Your baby grows and MINI SHUU grows with him

All of them cut with the same simple pattern so that the footwear adapts to the movements of the foot and not the other way around.

All the soles that you will find in MINI SHUU are flexible and flat (without a bridge) for the correct growth of the feet of the smallest in all its stages: crawling, first lifts, first steps, autonomy when walking, running, jumping ... You can read more about our soles here Growing with MINI SHUU

In MINI SHUU you will also find some accessories for your baby and children.

As well as our special and precious MOM Collection. When I became a Mom in the Fall of 2017, I adopted a new value and thanks to that, I found other needs in me, and for this reason the MOM Collection was born.

A collection specially designed to meet your daily needs as a mom, practical, timeless, quality products and with the option of designing them in the color you want.

Comfortable, stylish and matching moms of our babies. Since all the leather used in MINI SHUU is soft, very flexible and tasty, and with it all our products are made.

Some time ago I was told that the impossible only takes a little longer to arrive, so I decided to take risks and fight for my dreams. And here I am, writing to you with great enthusiasm and wanting to continue dreaming very loudly, by your side.


A kiss!!

Yasmina Sánchez

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