I’m Yasmina, fashion lover and aunt of a lovely nephew. Fashion stylist profession and fan of all beautiful things, pretty, obsessed perfectionist and well-combined in its tone things !!!

I am passionate about fashion and design, but what fascinates me are the shoes !!! My passion for footwear, comes that I began to dress myself and to my taste, whenever I went shopping always ended with one or two pairs of new shoes !! I have always defended the concept that a good shoes is the key to any style and if it is comfortable and quality, you will not want to separate from him ever!

After studying fashion styling and work as a stylist for several years, I decided study in footwear design and fashion digital marketing to create my own brand. And here I am, behind MINI SHUU. A brand of children's shoes, always thinking about the quality, design and the latest trends.

When my nephew was born and began to fill his cabinet with mini looks, you can imagine the madness working in the fashion world ... that's when I got the idea of ​​making shoes for him. Because there was no quality footwear, which was funny and at a fair price, all I found was very classic. Then I thought moccasins, a basic that is renewed every year and forndo my favorites in my closet. It is also a trendy part season after season and comfy!

And so they were born the mini MINI SHUU moccasins, handmade one on one with premium leather bought in Spain.

Some time ago I said that the impossible just takes a little longer to arrive, so I decided to risk and fight for my dreams. And here I am, writing very excited and eager to offer the little ones quality products and full of love.

Basic renewed. Soft-soled moccasins to forget the socks and bring your baby comfortable and stylish, made with 100% natural leather, very cuddly and flexible. Your baby will feel that going barefoot but protected, so that your foot grow healthy and most natural way possible.

Removes drool bibs to protect the neck and dry clothes, colors and prints fun and current. And many more things that are coming, because this story has just begun !!! You come with me ??

I think every mom and her baby are unique and therefore want to give you the opportunity to create your own Mini Shuu. Therefore you will find the Design Your Mini Shuu section where you will be the designer to create a unique moccs for your baby.

Mini Shuu is a dream that I start with a lot of enthusiasm and to be filled with many adventures and anecdotes that expliclar and share with you all.

Yasmina Sanchez

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