How are the MINI SHUU?


Produced with natural cowhide of European origin.

Soft and very flexible leather with the European certificate that corresponds to the REACH regulation, which is what is used to guarantee that the leather has been properly and correctly tanned, with responsible and conscious processes.

Additionally, we confirm that our skins do not contain any of the substances listed in SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) published in the European Chemical Product Agency (ECHA)



All MINI SHUU products are made in Spain.

We have our workshop on the Costa Brava, in Catalonia where we make all the BABY, Accessories and MOM Collection.

We work with a family factory in Villena, Alicante, where KIDS are made for us. They are sheathed in their lasts for a quality rigging and assembly made with love.



All MINI SHUU are cut with the same minimalist pattern, which respects the natural shape of the foot.

With the philosophy "How to walk barefoot", the MINI SHUU adapt to your baby's foot to protect it but leaving it completely FREE, as if it were barefoot.

The only thing that changes from a MINI SHUU Baby to a MINI SHUU Kids, is the sole. Soft sole and Flexible hard sole, two types of soles that adapt to your growth and your needs.

No linings, no buttresses, no reinforced toe caps, no buckles or anything ... a soft and simple design that adapts to your little one's foot.



All soft and flexible, so that it does not limit its free movement and natural growth at any time. Footwear must accompany, never limit.

Easy to put on, easy to take off, providing autonomy. With a rubber band fastening, they put on like a sock.



One of the characteristics of cowhide is its breathability. Absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry in summer and helps keep you warm in winter.



Under the motto "Do more and better with less", we produce all our MINI SHUU.

For that reason, we produce all the products we have with the same skin and we do it to order, to give the material the longest possible life. In this way we produce what is consumed and we do not produce to generate surplus stock.

We do the same with the production processes, being responsible and aware of the environment and the well-being of our workers.

We do not use plastics in our production or in our packaging, everything is paper and cardboard in a minimalist and austere packaging so as not to generate more waste than necessary.

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